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We love catering for buffets or a party – Canterbury and all over Kent

Refectory Catering Services was born in 2012, founded by Jamie and helped by his wife the lovely Sue and in 2014 their long standing friend William joined the company as director.

Jamie has over 20 years experience in the industry and has worked at all levels and all over the UK and France.

Jamie is supported by a small and loyal team who make your event possible and who share the values and passion of Jamie and William.

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We believe in creating great food at a fair price

We are a family business and fully believe in family values. You may see Sue’s dad putting the catering tent up or Sue’s mum washing up at your event.

We feel very privileged to share in the most important events of peoples lives from moments of great joy to times of sadness. For this we are very humbled and grateful.

We believe in being part of the community in which we live and try to use local suppliers and companies where possible. We also work with and encourage new business as you have to start somewhere – just like we did.

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